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A typical Christian: an unnamed, patronised, outcast woman, face tear-stained, hair matted with perfume and dirt, overflowing with love to her Saviour

"My spiritual life has been so dull, dry."
Why didn't you say something?
Why didn't you ask for help?
"I didn't realise until now."
It gets worse! Why didn't I see it before? I'm spiritually dry and cold to the horror of that.

And yet what a moment to be caught in.
What an opportunity for grace.

Learn from two people who met Jesus. A man and a woman, she doesn't speak words but her actions are loud and clear to those who have ears to hear... on the face of it a good man and a bad woman, but more a picture of vibrant faith and spiritual dullness of heart...

He - invites Jesus to his house.
She - seeks Jesus out.
Both want to be with Jesus.

He - is disappointed in Jesus and offended at her. How could the Saviour of the World be there?
She - is received by Jesus.
Noticably, he isn't at all astounded that Jesus would be with him.

Jesus - reads his heart and sets up a senario.
Two people forgiven debts they couldn't repay.
One 500, the other…

Worse than being wrong is being found out for being wrong

Last month, I opened the frontdoor to see the path sparkling. Not with snow but with little circles of silver and gold. A quick investigation revealed that these were indeed the contents of our advent calender - several weeks worth - eaten and then posted through the letterbox in an elaborate, if flawed, cover up effort. The inquiry quickly eliminated the two year old - unable to reach high enough. The other three people in the house flattly denied involvement, "it must've been someone else" - though one of them looked a little green, as one might, from consuming so much chocolate so early in the morning... the case remains unsolved.

I took it upon myself to offer some feedback to someone I was working with. A lengthy, detailed, picky piece of criticism. Met with a response: where do you get off saying stuff like that? We could query that response but the issue here is me. I began my defence, "If you consider my experience... and given what you did..." I backt…