Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In Scripture we find Christ himself

From Richard Sibbes on 2 Corinthians 1
God has given us his Scriptures, his word. The comforts that are fetched from there are strong, because they are his comforts. It is his word. The word of prince comforts, though he be not there to speak it. Though it be a letter, or by a messenger, yet he whose word it is, is one that is able to make his word good. He is Lord and Master of his word.

The word of God is comforting, and all the reasons that are in it, and that are deduced from it, upon good ground and consequence, they are comfortable, because it is God's word. He is the God of all. Those comforts in God's word, and reasons from within are wonderful in their variety. There is comfort laid out there for the Christian including:
  • Liberty
  • Free access to the throne of grace
  • Adoption as a child of God
  • Justification
  • Being an heir of heaven
  • The promises of grace
  • The presence of God
  • The assistance of his presence.
These things out of the word of God are wondrous plentiful. Indeed, the word of God is a breast of comfort, as the prophet calls it: "that you may nurse and be satisfied from her consoling breast; that you may drink deeply with delight from her glorious abundance.” Isaiah 66:11. The books of God are breasts of comfort, wells of comfort. There are springs of comfort.

God's word is a paradise, as it were. In paradise, there were sweet streams that ran through; and in paradise stirred the voice of God, not only calling, "Adam, where are you?" terrifying of him, but the voice of God promising Adam the blessed seed, Gen. 3:9.

So in the word of God, there is God rousing out of sin, and there is God speaking peace to the soul. There is a sweet current of mercy runs from the paradise of God; and there is the "tree of life," Rev, 2:7, Christ himself, and trees of all manner of fruit, comforts of all sorts whatsoever. And there is no angel there, to keep the door and gate of paradise with a fiery, flaming sword. No! this paradise is open for all. And they are cruel tyrants that stop this paradise, that stop this fountain, as the papists do.
A sweet current of mercy runs from the word of God.
In Scripture we find Christ himself.

Image, Creative Commons - David Wright

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