Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cruciformity: Learning the way of the cross.

X-marks the spot. It's the crux of the matter. 
  • Trinity is cruciform - the Father, full of love, sends his Son, in the Spirit. The Father is the Father of the crucified Christ. Christ is the Christ who gave himself in our place. A crucified human being is a member of the Trinity. Cruciform love is at the heart of the Triune God.
  • Salvation is cruciform - we're saved by Christ's self-giving death for us. There is and was and will never be any other way into the life of God than through his wrath-averting, penalty-bearing, debt-cancelling death. The seed dies, and then brings flourishing. Darkness gives way to light.
  • Revelation is cruciform  - the cross is the heart of divine revelation, the reference point and the place where God's glory is most vividly seen. The context for everything this God says is the cross... thus human communication of the faith is "Christ and him crucified."
  • Sovereignty is cruciform - we're, as Newton put it, "held in the hands that bled for us." Divine power is exercised in crucified love.
  • Discipleship is cruciform - united to Christ we're crucified with him and will finally be raised with him. Today we endure, finally we'll reign. First the cross, then the crown.
  • Headship is cruciform - I'm head of my wife as Christ is to the church, dying to myself, giving myself for her. Headship isn't forceful or powerful, it means service and pursuit of what's best for her. As Sibbes says, Christ governs his church "with sweetness and love." Cruciformity. 
  • Christianity is cruciform.

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