Wednesday, April 20, 2016

She forgot me (Hosea 2:13)

Through the unique ministry of Hosea, the Lord charged Israel, 2500 years ago, with forgetting him.

We sing: "Who his love will not remember?" They didn't.

What does it mean that they forgot the Lord?

Don’t hear carelessness. It’s not “I forgot to buy apples.” Or “I forgot Mother’s Day.” 

 Everything in the life of Israel was designed to remind them of the Lord and his salvation.

 • Every reminder on their smartphone…
 • Everything in their wardrobe…
 • Everything in the kitchen cupboards…

The laws, customs, architecture and music of their culture, divinely designed to saturate their society with the gospel.

Put simply, no one in Israel, then, forgot the Lord unless they deliberately suppressed the knowledge he’d given them in the Law. And it's not exactly like those of us who aren't Israelites don't do that either - the heavens have been declaring the glory of God for a very long time, and Jesus is pretty famous...

The only way to forget the Lord was to cover your ears and your eyes… and cry out: lalalalalalalala.

 And, we should note that this wasn’t shutting out an oppressive dictator but the Triune God, the one who in the person of his Son, their loving husband, had rescued them. How could they?

How could they… You and I wouldn’t do that, would we…!?

Image - Creative Commons - Jonathan Grado

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