Tuesday, March 08, 2016

"Why can't we value the unoriginal pastors, who simply love their people and aspire only to pass down the faith handed to them?"

Yes! Great question from Jake Belder. 

Preach the word, love the people. 

And as Glen Scrivener puts it Evangelism is pastoring non-Christians. Pastoral care is evangelising Christians. 

As my friend Matt said to me the other day - If I have people and a Bible, what else do I need. 

It's "boring" and unimpressively plain looking, but innovation and fads are for heretics - the living and abiding word of God is where life is found.

Not that I'm anti-systems - if they serve people in helping them to hear about Jesus.
And I'm not anti-vision - if it's about the gospel for and to people.
And I'm not anti-strategy - as long as it's about ensuring that by all means at whatever cost, people get to hear about Jesus.

But we have to keep our eye on what this is actually about.

Image - Creative Commons - David Wright

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