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I seem to care less about my sin than I used to

The other evening I enjoyed a beer with one of the guys in our church. During the conversation he said:

"I seem to care less about my sin than I used to."

This was a broken rather than brash reflection.

What to think?
A) He's getting less mature. He's not surrounded by people who can point him back to Jesus.
B) He's getting more mature. This is one of the painful steps in the Christian journey. The first is obviously possible, and cured by repentance to Christ. And if we're failing to pro-actively tell him of Jesus he can ask us to do so, to help him back out of his sin and back to his Saviour. Our own sufferings and sins might be why we're not offering help - if only someone would move first.

The second might be more likely.

Serge (formerly World Harvest Mission) are helpful here. Take this image posted by Glen Scrivener:

Early on in my walk with Jesus I know a bit of my sin and a bit of the goodness of God and see the cross as enough to cover the distan…