Thursday, December 10, 2015

When I am the hero / When Jesus is the hero

A meditation on Psalms 1-2.

When I am the hero then the Psalm tells me that I'm blessed if I read the Bible day and night and keep away from the bad guys.  When I am the hero they are the bad guys and bad will happen to them, but I am the good guy and all will be well.

When Jesus is the hero I see him typified in Israel's King who is to model trust in the LORD, to have his own copy of the Word. Jesus trusts the LORD and is the fruitful one. When Jesus is the hero we are all the bad guys. Our life like chaff.

When I am the hero they are the bad guys who conspire against the LORD and find him oppressive and restrictive... and I hope they'll get what they deserve, and tell them so. Listen you bad guys and face what's coming to you.

When Jesus is the hero, he is the one against whom sin is committed. The LORD's Anointed. As we rage against his cords of kindness. We are the bad guys who conspire against him. Where we expect heaven to be silent to human protestations, the gospel message sounds.

When Jesus is the hero he's the word of wrath, the king enthroned on a cross, the one crucified for sin. The fruitful tree is crucified on a tree. When Jesus is the hero he's the one in whom we're invited to find refuge. Whoever I am, whatever I do, despite and because of the conspiracy, rebellion and chaff in my heart: He's for me. The Psalms are the songbook of the church because the church is the company of conspirators who respond to his gospel by allying themselves with the one against whom they rage(d).

When I am the hero, blessed am I for my devotion, and cursed are those who sin...

When Jesus is the hero: happy is Jesus and happy are those who though they rage and conspire against him take refuge in him. And there, I can be honest about my experience of sin, have empathy for my fellow human beings because we're so very alike, and rest only in the gospel word of the Son, the fruitful King who was crucified...

This gospel shape turns out to be better motive to read the Bible than having to do it to become blessed - I read to find Christ and entrust myself to him - which is where blessing is really found. And since this gospel is announced for the conspiring kings then however bad things get, however mistaken, however undevoted I've been.... however rebellious, however conspiring, however cold, however passive-agressive, however distracted... I can always and immediately and safely come again and hide in Jesus.

Image- Creative Commons - Stefano Corso

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