Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Life You Never Expected

Andrew and Rachel Wilson share their story in the middle of raising children with special needs.

Our own parenting journey hasn't been without its challenges over the past six years - some of which I've shared, some I've not. None of our situations are as severe as the Wilson's. In the pain and the frustration and the disappointment we've found grace we never knew we needed or could receive.

There's something amazingly reassurring and compassionate and real in the tone of Andrew and Rachel's voices and I commend this podcast to you. It's cliche to say light shines out of broken pots, but that's what I hear in their voices. I respect and have learned much from Andrew-the-theologian, Andrew-the-apologist, Andrew-the-thinker, but I'd take Andrew-the-parent any day. I'm glad Andrew is doing a PhD, that will serve people well, but so too does this story, forged in the pain of life.

The Wilson's are living 'the life [they] never expected' which is, of course, true for many of us. Their interview relates to their book on the same subject. Like Emma Scrivener's A New Name (on anorexia), whether you share their experiences or not, you'll find in their journey, light in the darkness, company in the loneliness, honesty among the well-meaning platitudes that are the best many people can offer.

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