Monday, October 19, 2015

The Exodus is good news

Chapters 1-19 God hears, remembers and saves his people from their slavery to Egypt. They're broken spirited and unable to save themselves. Their salvation doesn't overcome their slavery to sin which becomes very evident as they begin to travel in the wilderness. The serpent out there is struck down, rescue from their serpentine heart will require an even greater salvation. What is pictured here will come to pass as the Father sends his Son to bring many adopted sons to glory...  with life from the true Lamb, the true Rock, the true Bread, the true Moses...

Chapters 20-24 God comes down and meets his people at the mountain - he rescued them for himself. As rescued people he calls them to reflect him to the world. "Be holy and I am holy." How? By providing for the widow, the orphan and the foreigner among you who can't provide for themselves. This is what the Triune God is like. He did this for his people. Could they now walk in his footsteps? God will meet his people again time and time again, and finally embody all that he is as he walks our streets, and gives his Spirit so we might be changed from within to reflect him to his world...

Chapters 25-40 God pitches his tent with his people, a place of atonement at the heart of the camp, and O how they need it as their almost immediate adulterous betrayal shows, yet in his jealous love God moves into their neighbourhood rather than ending them. And the script rolls on into Leviticus to explore how atonement leads to the dwelling of God with humanity. One day the true High Priest will go on behalf of his people into the true Tabernacle and offer true Atonement for all time and the true Curtain will be torn open, and the broken and the betrayer will come with their names written on His heart and be seated with Him there.

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