Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Wilderness of Mirrors

I received a review copy of A Wilderness of Mirrors from Mark Meynell and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

It's obvious in reading the book that Mark Meynell loves words and culture and people. It's a well written, accessible look around our world that gets under the skin of our cynical age. Mark helps us to see how the Christian faith then speaks to the issues he explores. A keen observer who, as his subtitle implies, wants us to trust again.

This video gives a feel.

One of the observations that particularly struck me was the contemporary love of conspiracy theories - because these give the opportunity to find significance in otherwise meaningless tragic events. As we suspect there is significance in life, but where to find that is important, A Wilderness of Mirrors helps us find better answers.

I've read and appreciated James Smith's How (not) to be secular and Charles Taylor's A Secular Age recently. A Wilderness of Mirrors is more accessible and more engaging.

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