Monday, August 10, 2015

Three Horizons - Interview with Clive Parnell (Part 2)

Clive Parnell is a friend and former colleague of mine, his latest album Three Horizons is out today. We had a chat about his work.

Continued from previous post.

4. As someone who follows Christ, why is music important to you? 
Music is important to me as I think it is a creative gift that I have to be a steward of, and to enjoy.

I believe we are made in the image of God and part of this is that we are creative.

I love watching the occasional festival on TV, you see all kinds of people raising their hands and singing at the top of their voices - part of being human is being with others, to be part of a body and part of this is celebration and this celebration often involves singing.

I do however feel that this celebration should not be reduced to just a Sunday morning and just with "Worship songs" - I am concerned that many Christians may think the only way to express creativity is to write and lead worship music.

God is so much bigger than this - Christ and the gospel of Christ should impact the whole of life. That is why I have no problem writing songs about theology. relationships, transitions in life, the search for belonging, the search for hope, rest. food, drink it is all under the Lordship of Christ.

I hope this inspires others to explore more and to dig into the depths and heights of who God is in the whole of life and inspires creativity.

5. How is this reflected in your family and your church? 
I guess I encourage my family to be creative but don't force music lessons on them, It has been encouraging to see my son playing bass and my daughter playing piano (in fact I wrote three songs on her keyboard) - I also want my family to engage with popular culture and often chat about art, music and film with them as well as discussing the news and worldviews.

As far as Church I want to encourage the visual and so we use powerpoint in talks. We also have blank walls in the sanctuary and change these each time we change the sermon series. We also run a festival as part of the Edinburgh fringe. We have various genres of music and an art exhibition. I realise not everyone is in to art but we can all be creative in various ways.

6. What are your hopes for this album?
My hopes for this album are that people enjoy it - I hope that we are able to get some airplay on local and national radio so people may enjoy it but that it may generate discussions on areas such as the journey of life there are three horizons there - start, middle and end.

I think this album, more than any I have written before can go way beyond the Church walls - not in a preachy way. I don't think it is. But in a way that brings life - for somebody to be inspired, for somebody to sense joy - I am also making this album in partnership with MAF and they work on three horizons - flying out to bring help food, medicine, water and the good news to some of the most needy people in the world through flying tiny please into remote areas. 30% of the sales of the CD is going to support their work.

So I hope this brings life.

I hope that it may inspire others to pick up a pen and write and inspire others to focus beyond their own horizon.

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