Friday, July 31, 2015

Water for coffee

I love Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood's work. His coffee shop Colonna & Smalls in Bath is my favourite place to spend a morning with a cup of coffee made by his team and a good book. Sadly, I rarely have the opportunity to do this though that just increases its specialness.... Maxwell's related Coffee/Craft Beer house in Bath, Colonna & Hunter, is also great.

This is a world made beyond necessity with gratuity. Food could just deliver nutrients but it tastes! Maxwell's book Water for Coffee is coming soon and is the fruit of study into the way treatment of water has a bearing on the taste of coffee. I love that sort of attentiveness to the minutiae of life.

If you wanted to be really nice you could buy me a copy...  hopefully someday when the nappy bill falls I'll be able to afford the £26.99 price tag. Nothing that's worth having is cheap...

Water for coffee.
A taste here:

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