Wednesday, May 13, 2015

When worlds collide

Four words for dealing with difference.

Subversive Fulfillment. 
This comes from J.H.Bavinck via Daniel Strange's  For their rock is not as our rock.

Fulfilment is all very C.S.Lewis. It's the observation that for all of us there are desires that point to a reality beyond where we seek them. You want the right thing but you're looking in the wrong place. It's affirmative and offers Christ. To not do this is to miss a thousand opportunities for common ground in our shared humanity. The only way to life is through death to the old destination.

Subversion comes from a different direction. It says, what you're desiring is wrong. It's Christ the confrontationalist. This feels harder to do. Emotional intelligence tells us to win people, to get onside. But Christ is not only an arm around the shoulder but the one whose arm stands against us in places. The only way to life is through death to our old desire.

Christ is always both of these. Either one without the other fails to connect. Mere fulfilment is lovely but lacks traction and urgency while championing humanity. Mere subversion lacks identification and attraction whilst championing urgency.

Subversion and Fulfilment is a case of both/and. Christ comes as the one crucified to invite us to life by putting us to death in his death. He confronts and comforts. Can I handle both?

Spin & Take.
From Charles Taylor via James K.A. Smith's How (not) to be secular.

Spin is over confident belief. This tends to shut down conversation. Spin is bold and confident but unengaged. Taylor suggests that whether held from a immanent or transcendant view of the world spin is flawed. Spin is overstated and reverts to violence and coercion.

Take is more open handed. Take will discuss and see things from different angles. Take asks questions. Take says - we all still have questions to engage with in ideas and experience. Take invites conversation and journey. Take is prepared to be understated trusting that persuasion is possible.

Spin or Take, it's either/or. Which approach do we take to the world?

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