Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blessed is The Man! (Psalm 1-2)

Who are the blessed? The rich? Famous? Talented? Those with autonomy? Those free from others constraints. Other cultures would differ but this is our story. The haunting memory of a better story makes us cynical about such a story, yet still we fawn over our celebrity gods.

Psalm 1-2 say there is one blessed man who meditates on the law, as kings could. Like Joshua/Yeshua by the word he prospers, a kingly tree. He's the LORD's Christ (Anointed). The king of the Holy Hill. The Father’s Son. He inherits all creation.

But, we don't believe Bible reading makes you rich so what is this? Not I? Who is this blessed champion?

Against him are the wicked and sinners. Kings of the world who rage against Christ to overthrow and dethrone him. The autonomous... they will be blown at like chaff, they perish, .they will be broken. Their apparent victory is hollow. Their blessedness quickly fades.

The song speaks to them. The wicked are warned and invited to align with the blessed man, not merely deferring to him or inspired by him. They're to take refuge in him. As with a passenger in a plane, where he goes they go.

The wicked who hide in him will be blessed, share his Spirit anointing, share his Sonship, share his prosperity which gives the privilege of sharing in his crucifixion and suffering. Can it be me? Even I?

This is the story of Psalms. A glorious gospel.

The blessed man is Jesus and unlike the excluding agenda of the blessings of the world which favour the strong and cut off the weak, his blessing is for any and all peoples who will hide in him.
"Blessed is the man... this is to be understood of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord Man..." Augustine
The Man isn't so much over us or inspiring us, we're in him. Rory Shiner notes: Sitting under a plane gets you no where, watching a plane doesn't mean you can sing "I believe I can fly." You have to be in the plane to fly. The Psalmist never thought of planes but the principle holds.

Blessed is The Man and blessed are all who take refuge in him, whatever gender, class, talent, character...the issue isn't us but him.

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