Sunday, March 30, 2014

Find me in the city

In the beginning, the creator paints in the broadest of brushstrokes.
The sky and the land, the land and the sea.
Cutting through the formlessless to give it form.
With the technology of language 'let there be light'.
The creator creates sub-creators who live in each of these.
Filling up what was empty with the possibility of fulness.
The birds of the sky, fish in the sea.
Animals and Homo Faber on the land.
To each he says - multiply and be fruitful.
First the Creator, then the sub-creators.
Make more of you like you.It is good but not finished.
Good but incomplete.
And to humanity last of all he says - have dominion.
It is very good but not finished.
Very good but incomplete.
Add the detail. 
Wield language and name animals.
Duckbilled platypus, a pig and a cow.
Take up tools and work the land.
Sub-create form and fulness, make a garden for praise.
A fracture, a scar, a cut in what's good.
Now, cultivate the wilderness of the land into habitats for life.
Garments to clothe you.
Farm and hunt.
Make fields and roads, irrigation systems.
Bridges, storehouses and distribution centres.
Make music.
A boat.
Learn and discover, imagine and innovate.
Taste and see that the LORD is good.
Explore the ends of the earth and all its landscapes and colours.
Spread out and bring order to chaos.
Pitch tents and built altars and bury your dead.
Bake bread.
Entertain angels.
In this place I will meet you, in the mud and the dust.
Learn to paint and have houses with doors.
Paint blood on your doorposts.
Construct what you see according to plan.
Write these things down.
Build houses and gardens, marry and have children
Work for the good of those around you. 
The urban legend of a wall visible from space.

Then the murmur of global communications.
Take the road to your family home.
The original language embodied.
Raised in the home of a skilled worker.
He speaks.
And walking towards the city.
Executed by an engineers woodwork.
Go to him there.
Outside the city.
Use the technology of roads.
Shared language spreads his goodness fast.
Go with him there.
Councils and creeds.
Libraries and Abbeys.
The Printing Press.
Empires on which the sun never sets.
Creativity in the art studio and creativity in the lab.
Develop tools to communicate and tools to understand.
Sail for the missionfield, out there.
Or build knowing those feet will walk here too.
Schools and sewers.
Fight against the frustration and the decay and the futility.
Parlimentarians and Toilet cleaners.
Bin men and Dentists.I believe I can fly.
Physicists, authors and customer service officers.
I have a dream.
One small step. One giant leap.Geeks in garages. IKEA. Google. iPhone.
Artisan coffee.
Write the next line.
See God's image in people.
The God who validates work.
Knowing physicality and order.
Fulness and form.
The first technologist leads the way.
From a garden in the wilderness.
To the end, in a Temple, a garden that's a city.
No disembodied future.
A renewed physical world.
With God.
With God who says:
Find me less in uncultivated wilderness.
Find me more in your work.
Find me where it's busy.
Find me where you are.
Find me in the city.

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