Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Six hours on Science and Faith

Questions about Science and Faith are among the most common objections to the Christian faith today - along with questions about suffering/evil - issues that often go very closely together. 

My friend and former UCCF colleague, academic and member of Christ Church London, Chris Oldfield spend six hours with my team in January to walk us through the subject. His approach of considering story, with journey's into art mean that these sessions about the philosophy of science aren't just for scientists. They're stretching and well worth your consideration.

1. Science and Story PDF - MP3 (alternative mp3)
2. Darwin's Dangerous Idea PDF - MP3 (alternative mp3 pt 1, alternative mp3 mp2)
3. The Fall of Nature PDF - MP3 (alternative mp3)
4. Reformation and Two Books PDF - MP3

[We double-recorded three of the sessions and the alternative mp3 open should be a bit cleaner to listen to]

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