Wednesday, December 04, 2013

One Forever (Rory Shiner)

I've really enjoyed Rory Shiner's short book One Forever recently which unpacks the centre of Christianity - our union with Christ. Here's his key illustration:

You can get the book and also access the original sermons in audio and video form from AFES.
Saved in Christ
Right in Christ
Holy in Christ
Gathered in Christ
See also Mike Reeves mp3s: Union with Christ


  1. Interesting, and glad to see that there is something on a more popular level on this topic. I like the illustration of the plane, but something struck me right away which points to the limitations of the illustration. We were looking at Acts 9 last night in our home groups, and in v4 Jesus says to Saul, 'Why are you persecuting me?' So it seems that while everything that's true of Christ is true of us, our union with him is so intimate that there is also a sense in which what is true of *us* is true of him. How do you illustrate that with a plane? :)

    1. In the incarnation we're the plane, and as the plane goes down to death so Jesus does... ? We're in him, he's in us...

  2. It works with election too - Jesus is the Chosen One of God, and when we trust him we share in his chosenness.