Friday, December 06, 2013

But why?

Early December and early March are the two seasons in my year when my job steps away from frontline student ministry to be involved in recruitment for new Staff and Interns. That process spreads over the preceding months to connect with people and invite them to apply, but then we come to interview.

Hour after hour of asking questions.
Hearing answers and examining them.
Thinking hard to understand the assumptions behind the answers.
Asking more questions. And then more.

Yes, but what do you mean by that?
Yes, and how did you do that?
Yes, and why did you do that?

It's good practice for normal life, for discipleship, for evangelism. The approach is very similar... the only difference is that in a formal interview permission has been granted to ask and ask and ask.

I find it to be a sharpening experience. A bit exhaustinng but enriching and envigorating.

It fights against just accepting forms of words and jargon and assumed ideas but making me dig deeper, questioning more carefully. Not for the sake of asking. But asking questions in love, in hope, for discovery.

I've been teaching students lately about how knowing Jesus should leads us to being intensely curious, fascinated people who are fascinated with people and all kinds of things. But it's all too easy to revert back into well worn paths and well trodden answers. Life is richer and better and more interesting than that.

I want to rediscover the inner four year old... to keep asking and asking and asking and not just accepting what I'm told. I want to feel the pain and the struggle and the joy and the liberty of hard questions and fresh answers, convinced that in a relational universe its good to ask and possible to know.

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