Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Jesus wants the rose

UPDATE: MP3 Sermon from July 7th 2013 - Ruth 4:1-12 Jesus wants the rose (33mins).

Matthew Henry writes of unlikely biblical heroine Ruth:
"She was never said to be beautiful; if ever she had been so, we may suppose that weeping, and travelling, and gleaning, had withered her lilies and roses"
Ruth is a ruin, she was childless after ten years of marriage, and then widowed, and now living in a community where she's a vulnerable outsider.

In Ruth 4:1-12 Boaz pursues marriage to Ruth. Another doesn't want her, but he wants the rose. And he takes up the full force of the heart-of-God-revealing-law to protect her and provide for her and give all that he has to her.

Boaz wants her, withered as she is. Much more does the true and greater Boaz, Jesus want us. Boaz, forefather of Jesus foreshadows him. An example but husbands, but first an invitation to all of us.

With all our shame, with all our "if you really knew me you'd know" fear of rejection. Jesus wants the rose. Jesus wants you.

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