Monday, July 22, 2013

The Psalms are Christian (Mike Reeves mp3s)

The Psalms are many people's favourite book in the Bible but can we read them as a whole? How do they speak of Christ?

My favourite book on the Psalms is Andrew Bonar's Christ and his people in the book of Psalms, which is available as a free PDF on Google Books.

If I had to listen to something on the Psalms, then these mp3s from Mike Reeves would be my pick.
Mike is the author of The Good God (UK) / Delighting in the Trinity (US) and after many fruitful years on the staff of UCCF has now been announced as Theologian-at-large for Wales Evangelical School of Theology. He says: "we long to fuel love for Christ, the reformation of the church and the spread of the gospel." I think these mp3s will do a bit of that!

Download mp3s
Psalms - introduction
Psalms - Book 1 - part 1
Psalms - Book 1 - part 2

You can hear Mike preaching Psalms at All Souls.


  1. Just listened to the first one - excellent! Thanks, Dave.

  2. What a fantastic resource, thank you!