Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Joining God in the renewal of all things

Some excellent resources from Trinity Grace Church, New York. on a big vision for life in this world.

"The gospel is for all things, everything was made by and for Jesus, holds together in Jesus, will be reconciled in Jesus. The creator and the redeemer are one and the same."

A culture of renewal:

"Can we have vocationally minded pastors and theologically minded entrepreneurs, and sermons in which as people listen they're coming up with new business ideas..."

Renewing education:

 Renewing (traditional) fine art:

"The role of the church is to implement the victory of God through suffering love." NT Wright

Jon Tyson asks these questions:
1. Ask, what's wrong? Act to confront it.
2. Ask, what's missing? Take initiative.
3. Ask, what's good? Get behind it.
4. Ask, what's confusing? Clarify and compel people.

"Culture is to bring order out of chaos so things can thrive."

If Jesus was where you are what would he do? What to start, stop, bless, clarify.
Have you figured out the thing you're meant to be about? What do you really want to get into?


  1. Jon Tyson's ace isn't he. Dave Stroud brought him over last year, was hanging off every word. Thanks for this, and thanks for showing the victory through suffering love in your own life to me.

  2. I don't think I'd heard of him til May when Matt Partridge (Emmanuel Oxford) recommended him to us. Like what I've found so far.