Friday, June 07, 2013

Video: Andrew Wilson - when life hits the wall and everything changes

I really appreciate this rare message from Andrew Wilson for several reasons. It's on a rarely preached passage in Nehemiah 3 - y'know one of those very long lists of names!! And it's marked by a rare and striking honesty about the death of destiny, potential and history maker mindset. It's an uncomfortable message that resonates with my life and my sin.

I've valued Andrew's ministry for several years - for his strength in engaging hard questions over a meal in Exeter several years ago and for his clarity and skill as a teacher and author on many occasions, but his honesty here is so fresh and liberating as he shares the way that arrogance "was knitted into [his] soul and then he got mugged by life".

Mobilise 2013 - Main Meeting 5 - Andrew Wilson from Mobilise on Vimeo.
See also Andrew's repentant review of The Good God earlier in the year.

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