Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Uncover Luke: A fresh way to see for yourself who Jesus is

Former lawyer, now a London church leader, Nicky Gumbel has said on The One Show and in the Independent recently, it was by reading the accounts of Jesus' life that he surprisingly became a Christian at University in the 1970s.

Thousands more tell a similar story - they didn't see why Christianity would have anything to say to them... then they opened the pages of the biographies of Jesus and he walked off the page into their lives.

For the past six months the University Christian Unions (with whom I work) have had access to 100,000 copies of Luke's gospel to read with friends, using a study guide by Becky Pippert (Out of the Saltshaker).

We've been thrilled with the impact this has had for students and it's great that they're now more widely available. The launch party was at the New Word Alive conference. At £2.99 each (when you a buy a box)  they're not cheap but they're not meant for mass distribution - but are a high quality investment to so friends can be introduced to Jesus. (Buy here: Uncover Luke)

These gospels include scribbled notes to explain key moments, plus links to short videos that unpack the key passages to fit with Becky's study guide and also short videos to respond to key objections to the Christian faith by people such as Krish Kandiah, A&E doctor Giles Cattermole on suffering, Cambridge scholar Peter Williams on the resurrection and from Oxford University's Centre for Christian Apologetics Amy Orr-Ewing on faith and reason.

Start here. See for yourself.

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