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How do we inspire a whole generation of students in mission, not just the faithful few?

TERRY VIRGO (Newfrontiers). BECKY PIPPERT (evangelist/author). RICHARD CUNNINGHAM (UCCF).  JASON CLARKE (UCCF). JOHN CLARKE (Vineyard). ROWAN PATTERSON (Crowded House) and UCCF's Team Leaders.

The UCCF Student Worker Forum will explore ways in which we can engage, energise and release the whole student body for mission.
5-6th September 2013

Where churches are well involved with the student mission that we call Christian Unions that mission thrives and builds the local church... it's thrilling that we're now able to offer the Student Worker Forum as part of the Forum student conference. I'd love to see any church student worker in the South West come and join us as we wrestle with the challenges of reaching students today...

We will be joining with over 1,200 delegates at Forum 2013 – UCCF’s national conference for CU leaders – in order to share ideas, explore best practice and hear from a host of experienced leaders and student workers as we work together to build effective mission to the universities.

Through a mix of bible teaching and interactive seminars, we hope that you will leave feeling refreshed, encouraged and more equipped in your ministry.

The Student Worker Forum programme aims to help us:
Identify why Christian students feel disqualified, impotent or disengaged in mission
• Encourage everyday gospel intentionality across the whole student body
• Equip normal students in personal evangelism
• Equip a wide range of students to use the Uncover Seeker Bible Study resources
We will also join with the students for the main Forum evening session with Terry Virgo. 

Prices, booking and information:
£69. Book at: Student Worker Forum. The 2013 Student Worker Forum is at the Quinta Christian Centre in Weston Rhyn, near Oswestry - near Chirk station. Accommodation for Student Worker Forum delegates will be at the Lion Quays Waterside Resort. All guests have free use of the Country Club facilities, including a 75-station gym, 25-metre swimming pool with steam room, sauna and spa bath. All food is provided including a buffet style cooked breakfast in the morning.
‘UCCF staff have their finger on the pulse in the constantly changing culture of universities, and I’m certain any student worker will benefit from this conference.’ Andrew Evans, Christ Church Liverpool

‘The chance to come together and encourage one another is not to be missed. There was also a very real sense of unity amongst those who gathered [at Forum 2012], something we’ll need more and more of if we’re to truly impact this generation.’ Pat Allerton, Holy Trinity Brompton

‘In recent years, UCCF has served the Church in the UK invaluably by training and resourcing students for mission. Here is an opportunity for those who work with students to benefit from their ministry too - don’t miss out.’ Ben Mandley, All Souls, Langham Place

‘The idea behind the student workers’ forum typifies UCCF’s dynamic commitment to investing in our generation and tackling the issue of mission in the 21st century. If you are serious about connecting with the culture and with the gospel - you need to join me there!’ John Clarke, Hull Vineyard

‘I have been encouraged by the increasing partnership between UCCF and local churches over the past few years, and I am excited by how this conference might continue to develop that.’ Vic Sekasi, Holy Trinity, Leicester

‘I attended the Forum conference last September and was hugely impressed with the level of expertise in equipping students for mission. I am excited by how the student workers’ Forum might help to equip student workers to help their students to share this passion!’ Tom Shaw, The City Church, Canterbury
Download this information: Student Worker Forum Flyer
Book online: Student Worker Forum.


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