Monday, February 04, 2013

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Why is Apple successful? Because 'We make computers?'...
Why did Martin Luther King lead the line? I have a plan, or I have a dream?
Why did the Wright brothers fly first? Why them and not Simon Pierpont Langley? (Who?)
It's one thing to lead with what we do... it's quite another to lead with why.

Simon Sinek's 18 minute TED talk on How Great Leaders Inspire Action:

Provoking isn't it? Do I know why I do what I do? Or am I fuzzy about it? Am I trying to win people with what, and wondering why it feels like hitting my head against a brick wall?

Why is where the heart is. Why is the interesting question. Why gets to motivation and desire and aspiration and hope. I might not want someone else's why but I'll be drawn to them if they're clear on their why.

In my work with students we produce copies of gospels, we gather people to pray and read the Bible, we invite people to join with us. Not to build student societies. Not to get popular. Not to be a publisher. But because we think to know Jesus is better than anything else. To know Jesus is the why we're made and the what we're for.

Students take on leadership of CUs positively when they are able to see that vision caught. Programmes aren't goals, they're means to an end. Real change happens at the heart level. You can chase and harass a crowd but you can't stop people who catch a vision. The Christian why is Jesus. I'm not sure there is a greater why than that. But, I'll listen to your why.

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