Monday, February 11, 2013

"The UCCF was born in prayer!"

Geraint Fielder, Lord of the years:

"Again Elijah prayed, and the heavens gave rain, and the earth produced its crops' (james 5:18).

'The [UCCF] was born in prayer' wrote Douglas Johnson in 1953, quoting this text in the report for the year. 

We echo and reinforce it thirty-five years on. 'Those undergraduates who met for prayer at Mrs C.T.Studd's house at the 1919 Keswick Convention prayed until two in the morning. They affirmed, 'We had never before known such assurance in prayer.' 

A few months later one of them was praying again in Trinity College, Cambridge when the vision came to him of the future UCCF. Norman Grabb wrote, 'I saw that not only must there be this witness in every university, but that God was going to do it...' 

'It is evident that God has answered these prayers. But we cannot be complacent. The need for the witness of the CUs is greater than ever. 

The problems we now face are more complex and the calls upon our resources more numerous. Now is the time for us all to remember Elijah's example and pray again.

'Pray for the students of today' (Keith Weston)

'How these young people love to pray' (William Still).

In this call to prayer to churches and prarents and in this praying concern of the student of today we see grounds to believe that, in the gracious hands of the Lord of the years, evangelical witness will continue to survive and revive in the education training-grounds of our land.

Yes in 1953. Yes in 1988. Yes in 2013.

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