Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Song of Songs is about Jesus...

I had the opportunity to preach at the Exeter University Evangelical Christian Union meeting last night. I love the opportunity to speak to a mission minded community, and especially as they've just concluded three weeks unpacking Glen Scrivener's 321 gospel.

Download MP3: I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine - Song 5:10-6:3. It's the brilliant news that Christianity isn't just a lifestyle choice or a system of beliefs, it's Jesus. You get Jesus!

The weekly CU meeting is a great opportunity to gather students together, to share stories from mission, to pray, to look to Christ again. It was great last night to hear Charlie's story, she'd become a Christian 12 months ago, through the witness of friends.

In my three years at University the 90 CU meetings I attended laid a great foundation for my life, a life-changing gospel education alongside my degree. It could be said that going to church does this - and being part of my local church is a non-negotiable joy and necessity, but Jesus is worth going deeper with. At its best, if students and  local churches buy into it the CU meeting gets to be a gospel academy for students, to prepare them for mission today and life beyond.

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