Tuesday, February 05, 2013

News from Hull CU: A good tradition

When old College friends meet anything may happen, but when two old London E.U. men meet in a provincial University College the formation of a new E.U. is the only thing that can happen. When an experienced ex-Cambridge CU man - now a professor - throws his lot in with them it is certainly an auspicious beginning for that Union.

This is what happened at Hull. Since that first surprise meeting in the autumn of 1931, the Union has passed through infancy to early adolescence. Its short history has been quiet and entirely unspectacular, but growth there has been.

Numerically the Union is still small, but its members have been alive to their responsibility and are establishing a good tradition of personal evangelism. Throughout this period, the Union has enjoyed official College recognition.

Even at the risk of being commonplace, it is necessary to mention one activity which has loomed large in the Union's programmes - the Squash. These have been the occasions par excellence, when the "still small voice" of God has been heard and answered. There are at least two drawing-rooms in Hull holding hallowed memories for many members.

Rightly dominant in the College crest is the legend Lampada Ferens (Carrying the lamp of learning). What better reminder of our duty and privilege? May the H.U.C.E.U ever "bear witness of that Light" which alone can "lighten every man."

Presidents: W.H.Hodge (1931-32), E.Dobson (1932-33), A.L.Mayfield (1933-34), Miss Lois Brooks (1934-35). Report in Christ and the Colleges by Donald Coggan, 1934

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