Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lance Armstrong: The Death Penalty

Lance Armstrong said being banned from sport was a death penalty.

Overstatement? Perhaps, but I can believe it. 
Winning is his god. And to lose our gods kills us.

To tell us our god is 'sin' is offensive for all of us.
Because we love our gods, define ourselves by them. They make us happy.

Taking my sin from me would kill me. 
And it does. 

The question is whether you can come out the other side of death?
Could death's sting be taken?

Dodging death doesn't work. Lance beat death. He was the poster boy for a theology of glory, for human triumph. Live strong, inspire a generation?

We need a champion, but our best attempts are just faking it. 

Taking away Armstrong's Beloved would destroy him, like taking my sin and idols kills me.

But if there was a better love? 
A Love to kill me, to kill death, to bring me to life. 
That'd be a story.

Thoughts derivative from this morning's sermon and spending Saturday morning with some good friends. Photo: Anna Hopkins, used by permission.


  1. Very provocative.

    Sport was Armstrong's god.

    Sport was killing Armstrong, but he loved it.

    God killed Sport, freeing Armstrong from its slavery.

    When Sport died, so did the old Armstrong who had tied himself to the mast of that sinking ship.

    Will a new-born Armstrong rise who has a life-giving God who loved him from the beginning?

    Let's hope and pray so...

    1. Seems for now he's still fighting to revive the old Lance... Time will tell I guess.