Wednesday, January 23, 2013

No love like this! (John Owen on Psalm 45)

"There is no love like the love of Christ to his church in the day of espousals. There is no love like to the love between Christ and the souls of believers."

John Owen unpacks this theme in preaching on Psalm 45:
The whole Book of Psalms gives a particular attention Jesus Christ. This 45th Psalm is a prophecy and description of his person, his kingly office and the marriage between him and his church. The song tells of the love of Christ to the church, and of the church to Christ. 
This love is our story. This is the story. Let us learn it:
The Psalm is a Maskil, a song to make wise or give instruction. There are things of Christ in this Psalm designed to instruct the church. The song expresses a "good matter, touching the King". The subject of this song is the King. No ordinary person. Rather, Messiah, Christ the Lord, in the Old Testament.
And let us sing, as Christ's life springs up in us:
The song refers to the bubbling up of water in a fountain or spring. The heart of the psalmist was so full of these things of Christ, things touching the King, that they did naturally overflow. Christ has promised to give his people his Spirit, that “shall be in them as a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”
His life in us, brings revelation in the gospel:
The Spirit of God reveals to them the excellent things of Christ, his glory, and so they find them to be good. Strangers to Christ find them absurd and foolish things, and in no way to be desired. What is the glory of the Lord? Why, it is the glory of his person, the glory of his kingdom, the glory of his love. Where are these to be seen? They are all represented in the glass. What glass? The glass of the gospel. The gospel has a reflection upon it of all these glories of Christ, and makes a representation of them unto us. The consideration of these excellencies in Christ is exceedingly suited to increase faith and love in us.
More of the gospel, more of Christ and our faith will be stronger, our love more abounding.
More faith, more love... more quickly we'll go to Christ.


  1. Thanks for this from Owen and what you shared from Flavel the other day. That cycle of more of Christ --> grow in faith and love --> go more quickly to Christ is so glorious. Thanks.

    1. Owen is good, Flavel possibly even better.
      Come back for some more on Friday.