Sunday, January 13, 2013

FEUER: Raising up a new generation of men and women as Evangelists for Europe

Feuer is a network of evangelists working in the Universities of Europe. As Lindsay Brown stepped back from leading the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) a few years ago he was convicted of the need to raise up a new generation of evangelists. The first step was a gathering in Austria from across Europe which I attended about four years ago - and much more has followed.

The 20th Century saw the ministry of greats in student evangelism like Martyn Lloyd-Jones, John Stott, Michael Green (still very much active!), Francis Schaeffer and David Watson but who had come after them?

Lindsay has, alongside Directing the Lausanne Movement, been developing a network of evangelists - people involved in public evangelism in Europe's Universities.

This weekend Owen Brown and myself gathered 21 for 21 hours for the first FEUER STUDENT NETWORK. Not another conference, but a gathering of friends involved in front-line student mission. Aspiring evangelists from Wales and the South West, students, UCCF Relay and Staff plus Ann & Lindsay Brown, and Jonathan Thomas. Students came and delivered a short evangelistic talk from Luke's gospel - for many their first ever talk and received generous and constructive feedback.

We ate curry. We heard from Lindsay about Feuer and his Five Great Evangelists (above). He called for personal friendship, preparation, specific prayer, proclamation, perseverace in evangelism. Ann gave a sample talk on 'Is the Bible Anti Woman?' and from Jonathan on preaching the Bible.

It was a loose and informal gathering, for some a first taste, a beginning of a longer journey to involvement in God's mission. I'm thankful for the phenomenal hospitality offered by Christ Church Newport and Malpas Road Evangelical Church - above and beyond anything I've seen! And by the participation of all who came.

Our cry, for the fire of the Holy Spirit to awaken Europe, to empower preachers, to open eyes, to call people home.

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