Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two Kinds of Community

The test of what matters in a community can often be best seen when there is trouble. In Christian terms,  what happens in the community when someone sins?

Some brief reflections from Galatians 6:

The Non-Gospel Church
My sin is scandalous or swept under the carpet. 
My sin is rule-breaking.
My sin is my effort to be holy.
My sin is an opportunity for you to trample me under foot.
My sin is why I want to avoid the cross.
My sin is overcome by effort.

The Gospel Church
My sin is to be expected. 
My sin is relational betrayal and return to slavery. 
My sin is when I follow the flesh instead of the Spirit.
My sin is an opportunity to restore you, to carry your burdens as Christ bore mine to Calvary.
My sin is, therefore, why I need the cross.
My sin is overcome by God's work of new creation.

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