Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sir Ken Robinson: Anaesthetics and Aesthetics

This afternoon I watched my little boy slip under the influence of a general anaesthetic. I've never seen that happen before - at least not in the real world. It's been a bit like living in an episode of House this week, and we're not through yet.

In a moment of restbite this afternoon I stumbled across this video. A refreshing distraction. I'm a little late to the party, 9.46 million people have watched this before me.
There's something very striking in this play with words. We need ideas, imagination, beauty. Why is that? And how can we have more of it? I'm enjoying a bit of Sir Ken Robinson this week. His TED talks are TED at its very best, and this is a great animated version of his key idea.

What do you think? What do you see? Are you awake?

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