Friday, November 09, 2012

The Life of God

We're spending 20 weeks as a church in John 17. We're six weeks in and this is what we've got so far.

#1 Father (Stu Alred)
#2 The hours has come (Andy Arscott)
#3 God gives glory (Stu Alred)
#4The God who gives to give (Dave Bish)
#5 Eternal life (Dave Bish)
#6 Objects of his affection (Stu Alred)

We'll reach 10 by Christmas, and finish the series just before Easter.

Trinity isn't the easiest subject to approach.  You can begin with history, or vast theological concepts and many books on the subject do this. Trinity isn't PhD Christianity, it's Basic Christianity, it's Mere Christianity. Nothing more fundamental than to say Jesus is the Son of the Father, anointed by the Holy Spirit. And nothing is more profound and wonderful.

We've begun with a prayer and are slowly piecing together doctrine as we overhear the conversation of the Son with his Father. This is a softer way in and I think a fruitful approach. It wouldn't surprise me if several among us haven't twigged yet that it's a "Trinity Series" -- and that's fine by me. We're eavesdropping on the life of God and as we get to know the heart of Jesus and his Father we're drawn into their life.

I'm enjoying preaching it (though I'll only be doing one more in the series), and I'm enjoying receiving the series as I sit in the congregation.

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