Tuesday, October 02, 2012

We are all Daniel Cui

We Are All Daniel Cui from Facebook Stories on Vimeo.

Our culture preaches independence but perhaps we're more connected than we like to admit. We are Adam's helpless race - all of us broken, fallen, corrupted -- glorious ruins? Facebook isn't evil, but it is a symptom of both an unrelational culture where our pixelated gods make themselves known to us without ever knowing us. As so we become like what we worship. We don't pick up the riches or the good looks of our gods, just the impersonal characteristic. (The problem isn't the actual celebrities we worship but the icons they become...)

On Facebook we're reduced from personality to pixels. You can find out if I had a good summer without talking with me but just by stalking me.

And as Daniel Cui shows the medium can be used to harm and to honour.

But don't mishear me I'm a social media practioner - in part because social media is just communication which is good. Necessary. Deeply human and reflective of the underlying reality that we're made for relationship. And once in a while a "facebook story" breaks through to tell a true story.

We're all in this together. Man is no island - we're Adam's helpless race. We can't just try harder we need someone outside of us to change everything. And someone who will become one of us. Put us to death and raise us to life. One to make our hearts cry RESURGAM!

The helpless race needs a sinless championn who would come one us One who'd be numbered with the transgressors. A living head to replace our dead head. One in whom we can live.

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