Sunday, October 21, 2012

Transformission 2012: Adopted

Today we gathered in Exeter for our sixth Transformission day conference. The aim is simple - look to Christ. It's my privilege to host the day.

Our theme for the day - adoption into the family of God, with Mike Reeves, Glen Scrivener, Peter Mead and Dan Hames speaking, a veritable band of Christ pursuing brothers.
Watch this space for some extra media from the day. 
You have no idea how worth-the-wait it'll be...

We're thanking God for all those who came - we would've enjoyed Christ without you but it was great to have you there! Thanks for the UCCF South West staff and Relay who did all the behind the scenes work. Thanks for Mike, Peter and Glen for preaching Christ - and Dan who did that and led worship in our main sessions. Thanks for our good friends from IFES, Student Alpha and Cor Deo who joined the party and for Belmont who allowed us to book their building.  

Photo by Joshua Cassidy.


  1. Peter Mead says "Please don't balance" as he reflects on Transformission at the Cor Deo Blog.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these! The audio on second of Mike's talks cuts out at about 33mins - is that all we get?! I wanted to find out more about Abijar...!

  3. Hi - I'm fixing that... sorry... we had some technical issues :)
    If you re-download it you should get the full 45mins.

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