Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Women Who Blog

The loudest voices in the church tend to be male, for right or wrong. But on the internet the playing field levels and voices can be more readily heard. Most people don't blog. The best woman I know doesn't, though she's microblogging a bit...

These are voices to hear. Voices that are wise and thoughtful and vulnerable, not because they're women but because they're Christian. I highlight them because you might be unaware of them.

1. Vicky Beeching. No kidding that Vicky got a headstart by being a "minor Christian celebrity". But, she's a Blogger worth reading for her social media excellence, provocative thoughts and for using the crowds she's drawn to get people thinking... a readership many many times greater than this blog.
Vicky Beeching

2. Emma Scrivener. A newly published author with a track record for showing what gospel centredness really means, coming to Christ in her struggle with anorexia.
Emma Scrivener: A New Name

3. Cat Caird. Cat is a quiet evangelist who has worked with or for me for most of the last eight years. Cat is a thoughtful theologian, able apologist and highly valued member of my team.
Cat Caird: Gospel Sunshine

4. Tanya Marlow. Tanya is an ex-colleague with whom I taught pastoral care in 2004 to some of our interns. By which I mean, she taught and I was the clueless observer. Tanya is theologically sharp and a passionate campaigner for those in need.
Tanya Marlow: Thorns and

5. Kath Cunningham. Kath is another former colleague, an observant eye on life and her own unique angle on things. We worked together for several years and I enjoy the sound of her voice.
Kath Cunningham: The Long Walk Home

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  1. I so love your generous heart! Thank you very much - these other 4 are all in my top 10 too! It's nice to be on this list.

    Oh - and ever humble, you didn't just observe in that session! I seem to remember that in that session on pastoral care you taught a full overview of Jude, with a great analogy about sirens and sailors... :-)