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Five Women Who Blog

The loudest voices in the church tend to be male, for right or wrong. But on the internet the playing field levels and voices can be more readily heard. Most people don't blog. The best woman I know doesn't, though she's microblogging a bit...

These are voices to hear. Voices that are wise and thoughtful and vulnerable, not because they're women but because they're Christian. I highlight them because you might be unaware of them.

1. Vicky Beeching. No kidding that Vicky got a headstart by being a "minor Christian celebrity". But, she's a Blogger worth reading for her social media excellence, provocative thoughts and for using the crowds she's drawn to get people thinking... a readership many many times greater than this blog.
Vicky Beeching

2. Emma Scrivener. A newly published author with a track record for showing what gospel centredness really means, coming to Christ in her struggle with anorexia.
Emma Scrivener: A New Name

3. Cat Caird. Cat is a qu…

"He builds triumphal arches to His grace"

This morning I'm travelling several hundred miles on a train to go and drink some of the finest artisan coffee available, meet some young gospel ministers and preach on the tender mercy of God. Feeling distinctly like I'll fail to do justice to the task.

I'm reminded of words from puritan Stephen Charnock, he wrote that mercy's form is tenderness and effect is relief - good news that I need today.
[Christ] puts no difference between persons of the least, and those of the greatest demerit, but affecting the foulest monsters of sin, as well as the fairest of nature's children, he builds triumphal arches to his grace upon this rubbish, and makes men and angels admiringly gaze upon these infinitely free compassions; when he takes souls full of disease and misery into his arms. For it is manifest hereby, that the God and Lord of nature is no more bound to his servant, (as touching the gift of salvation) when she carries it the most smoothly with him, than when she rebel…

Leaders don't mind showing weakness

Nick Clegg's apology has proved very entertaining but it's also just very welcome.

When did we start to think our leaders had to be spotless? Christian leaders are meant to be blameless but it seems to me blamelessness is more like transparency, honesty about mistakes than it is about never making mistakes. The old leadership adage is true that real leaders are mistake makers. They're people to take a chance, who take responsibility, who put themselves on the line, who step ahead and take the route where there are "no well worn paths."
A leader's strength isn't seen in unbroken success,but in the confident ability to rally hopeless people after many defeats
— Rick Warren (@RickWarren) September 22, 2012 Clegg's claim was bigger than he could really ever keep - but then he probably didn't actually plan on being part of a coalition government either.

These are days for leaders - people who'll step up. David rallied his troops saying "w…

Isaiah tells me about the Crucified Christ

I've been dwelling in Isaiah 25:6-9 with some of our team in the last week. I find airing things with others brings me fresh clarity. So, I think what I'm writing here is a lot clearer than what I said...  in any case Isaiah drips with Triune Gospel Goodness.

Isaiah is an evangelist, a cross-preacher.

The Cross as Invite to the Wedding Supper for the Whore - v6.
Isaiah pictures a mountain feast to which all peoples are invited by The LORD of Hosts. Isaiah elsewhere says The LORD of Hosts is our Maker and our Husband. This is invitation to the Wedding Supper of Heaven's Son. Christ as the Feast-Maker who invites us to feast with him and upon him - pictured in every meal we eat. Is this a  invite to a friend to come to a wedding? No it's the invitation of The Faithful City who has become a Whore (Isaiah 1:21a). And that's only possible by The Feast-Maker dying for her whoredom, the faithful one bearing the cost of all her unfaithfulness. The Feast-Maker is crushed an…

We need Christian Unions with a Whoever mindset

I recently heard PJ Smyth preach on 1 Chronicles 11-12. There David says, whoever steps up to the fight gets to be the chief. Whoever.

The main plot is a gospel picture of whoever comes gets to come to life in Jesus... could 10,000 CU members introduce five friends each to Jesus through the pages of Luke's gospel this year? The invite is universal... whoever will come can come...

And David gives us a "subplot" picture of whoever steps up to the fight gets to lead the line in mission. People will carry roles and responsibilities in a Christian Union (as with church) but those who step up to the plate and disciple Christians and share Jesus with their friends - those who engage in gospel ministry - will be the leaders... and any leader worthy of their name will rejoice and support that.

The global movement of Christian Unions started when God gave a vision to Norman Grubb, a student involved in the Cambridge Christian Union in 1919. God has grown this work that is refresh…

Song: Fountain of Goodness (Mike Reeves & Olly Knight)

Trinity is the Christian doctrine.

Trinity is who God is. And we need books, preaching and songs on this.

A highlight at Forum was the debut of Mike Reeves & Olly Knight's rich Triune song: Fountain of goodness. It rocks with a band and you can probably imagine that from the youtube acoustic version...

The guitar chords and lyrics here.

Video: Trinity is Good News!

We profiled a new gospel presentation tool in our track at Forum.

It has high value for it's focus on the Trinity and on Union with Christ... and takes sin seriously as being in Adam not just bad behaviour, and therefore showing how we need to be joined to Christ in his death and resurrection to rise to a new life with all God's people.

321 tells a relational story and issues our invitation through the cross of Christ into 'life in the three'.

You can watch the video here:

321 from Jeremy Poyner on Vimeo.