Monday, August 27, 2012

We're churches together on a mission #taw2012

We did it. My family went camping for a weekend, a mere 10 minutes from our front door with 2000 others from churches across the South of England, Portugal, Spain and India.

This was the annual gathering of a family of churches on a shared mission, led by Guy Miller and his team. A people committed to reaching the people of our nations.

For me the biggest highlights were the opportunity for community with our church family. Waking up to eat breakfast with others was great, and something I'd like to think we'll do more often as part of our normal life.

The other highlight for me was Sunday morning's meeting. We sang songs about the gospel of Christ, Howard Kellett brought a word for our church and others about Jesus Christ our True and Greater Columbus who has pioneered ahead of us in this mission, and PJ Smyth who preached a wonderful gospel sermon from 1 Chronicles 11-12 (seriously!). I loved PJ's clarity about Jesus being the main plot of the Bible (with David, and us as mere subplot). We were offered Christ through a preacher and then invited to eat and drink bread and wine together.

Conferences aren't normal life but they're valuable as opportunities to catch a bigger picture. Ten years ago I'd have gone to something like this and attended everything (I made 2 out of 6 meetings this weekend and no seminars!) and filled copious pages with notes and benefitted from that...  now with family I'm learning the call to die to self, to serve my family and to treasure the moments to get to know church family better. Both are good experiences, seasons of life change. All of which is best lived with other people.

I come home from Westpoint exited for church life in the months ahead.

Photo from the Together at Westpoint facebook group.

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