Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jesus our Bridegroom (Mike Pilavachi)

Social Media is great. On Friday 3rd of August Dan Hames tweeted from the New Wine festival. So, I paid my £3.00 for the download and thoroughly enjoyed hearing God's word.

In a half hour sermon structured around the patterns of Hebrew marriage, Mike Pilavachi paints a wonderful Espousal Gospel vision  from the pages of Exodus of the God who wants to make us his own.

Mike Pilavachi on God's Marriage (New Wine, Central & South West, Friday 3rd August)

Seems to me that Genesis tells the story of Fathers and Sons, generation after generation looking for the promised seed... with the key pictures of that seed enduring suffering and battling to find a bride.

Exodus picks up the same themes. The whole story is framed by the Father demanding the release of his adopted son Israel from slavery under Pharaoh. Then, as Mike's message shows we see Jesus leading his people out of slavery to bring them to marriage to have her for himself under the care of his Father in the presence of the Spirit.

Forget Eggs and Water, Ice and Steam or clover leafs... Fathers and Sons, Husbands and Wives are the key God-images of the Triune God for He is The Father who has a Son who seeks a bride.

UPDATE: Mike Pilavach on a similar theme, on the wedding dance and John 2 at UCCF #Forum2012


  1. Dave,

    This reminds me of something Edwards makes somewhere:

    "God created the world for his Son, that he might prepare a spouse or bride for him to bestow his love upon; so that the mutual joys between this bride and bridegroom are the end of creation"

    In other words, Redemption/Scripture is the greatest. love-story. ever. no questions.

    Hope you and the family are well.


  2. Hey Kip.

    We're well thanks.
    Nice Edwards quote, very helpful.
    The reference is Works, 13, p. 372; Misc. no. 271.
    Richard Walker has more

  3. "The bride eyes not her garment,
    But her dear Bridegroom’s face;
    I will not gaze at glory
    But on my King of grace."
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