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Jesus in Genesis

Christ casts his shadow over the whole of the Scriptures, and can be readily seen there as the Spirit shine his light into our hearts.

Is it anachronistic to seek Jesus in the Pentateuch? Perhaps by the name Jesus which he was given in his incarnation, but Jesus himself said that Moses wrote of him. The Scriptures aren't latterly about Jesus and formely about something else - they've always been speaking about him.

We don't know exactly in what sense Moses testifies about him, but the church has long searched the Scriptures to encounter Jesus, in various methods, sometimes fanciful sometimes faithless...  In the book of Genesis Jesus can be foundby type, analogy, appearance, prophecy, allusion, allegory etc...

In Genesis Jesus is....
1v1 There in the beginning before, being loved
1v3 The Word that the Father spoke, to shine into the world
1v5 The light overcoming darkness to bring morning
1v12 The true third day seed, bearing fruit according to his kind
1v16 The true light ruling over the day and the night
1v26 The true Image of God, after which humanity is made
1v28 The one who truly has dominion over all things, which will in the end be under his feet
2v1 At rest, with his Father and the Spirit, the rest we strive to enter
2v15 The true gardener
2v18 He who should never be alone, and yet would be for our sake
2v23 The true husband who will be wounded to take a wife to himself
2v25 The one in whom we will find freedom from all shame
3v6 He who was betrayed when the lies were believed
3v8 He who came walking in the garden seeking fellowship
3v14 He who spoke curse upon Adam's race, but would bear it for us
3v15 The true seed of the woman who would be crushed for us
3v21 The true clothing for ashamed people
3v24 He who will be able to get past the cherubim and bring us back to the greater Eden
4v3 The true worshipper whose sacrifice is acceptable
4v10 The one whose blood speaks a better word than Abel
4v16 The better Cain, driven from the LORD not for his sin but for ours
4v17 The better Lamech who builds a true city
4v25 The better Seth, the true substitute for his brothers
4v26 The one upon whom Enosh and his generation called
5v3 The better Adam who made us in his likeness
5v24 The better Enoch who walks with his Father, tells of judgment and takes us to be with him
5v29 The better Noah who will truly give us relief
6v7 The one who blotted out man, who will blot out our sins by his own death
6v9 The true Noah, blameless and righteous
6v17 He who didn't spare the ancient world and will judge the whole world finally
6v22 The one Noah trusted
7v16 The one in whom we hide when judgement comes, who shuts the door
6v21 The one whose word, having created, deluged all and will judge by fire
8v1 The head of the new humanity, who stands while the wind of the Spirit blows
8v20 The true burnt offering for sin, a pleasing aroma
9v23 The true and better Shem and Japheth who covers our shame
1032 He whose people will cover the earth and be gathered to himself
11v4 He who builds not for himself but for his Father and his people
11v7 He who confused but will one day unite all things
11v30 The true Abram whose wife was barren but will bear many sons
12v1 He who appared 'the God of glory' to Abraham
12v7 The true singular offspring of Abraham
12v18 He who deceived the true tyrant to protect his sister, his bride.
13v14 The true inheritance for the people of God
14v16 The true victorious king who defeats his enemies and rescues those who've loved the world
14v18 The true Melchizedekian priest, king without genealogy, greater priest than Levi
15v1 The Word of the LORD who came to Abram
15v5 He who brought Abram outside and showed him his future
15v6 The one Abram trusted, who counted him righteous
15v16 He who would bring Abram's offspring back to their land
16v13 The God of Seeing who appeared to outcast Hagar to bless her
17v14 The one who was truly cut off for us
18v1 The one who came for dinner with Abraham and Sarah, with two angels
18v32 The true mediator, and the one righteous man for whose sake city can be spared
19v24 The LORD on earth who called down fire from the LORD in heaven on Sodom
19v26 The true redeemer of Moab, foreshadowed by Boaz

"Genesis 19 - Lot is the perfect Christian, lingering in the place of sin, doing nothing to save himself but dragged out by God's love" @John_Hindley 

22v2 The true loved son who would be offered as a burnt offering on Moriah
22v12 The true Isaac not just figuratively resurrected but truly raised
22v14 The answer to the promise The LORD will provide
24v60 The true offspring who possesses his enemy's gate
24v67 He who loves the church and is comforted by her
25v23 He whose purpose of election chooses graciously
27v27 He who clothes us with his aroma so we gain what he is due
28v12 The true ladder between heaven and earth, the true Beth-El
29v29 He who wrestled with Jacob and blessed him
37v4 The true Joseph, loved by his Father, hated by his brothers
38v26 The descendent of unrighteous Judah
39v20 The innocent one who suffered
40v23 He who many forget
41v45 The true Joseph, Saviour of the World, fruitful through affliction
41v57 The one to whom all must come to escape the curse

"Genesis 44 - Guilty, prostitute-using Judah offers himself in Benjamin's place. He clearly grasps the gospel of his great descendent" @John_Hindley

45v1 He whose heart overflows for his brothers
45v27 He whose words revive the spirit
49v1 The true Israelite, one of us by his incarnation
49v10 The Judean from whom the sceptre will never depart
50v20 He to whom men did evil but through which God did good
50v21 The true comforter, true second Adam


  1. Awesome. Just awesome. Love the true redeemer of Moab, that's genius. Lot's a fascintating character too, never seen him in those colours before, but they suit him best. Day One just published some D M Lloyd Jones sermons: 'The Gospel in Genesis', looking forward to reading them.

    Now let's see you do it for the other four...:D

  2. By the way, this is totally the basis for a commentary. Next writing project?!

  3. Not a book or commentary, more my scribblings for a seminar at church 'How to read the first five books of the Bible'

  4. Yes, but it's the kind of thing that could become a commentary...please?!!

    1. We'll see... I'm no where in the Pentateuch compared to where I am on Galatians! And I've got a number of other projects on the go...

    2. *raises eyebrows* oh really? Sounds exciting...

    3. Sibbes III, and then some other writing I'm hoping to do in the next year... but we'll see how it goes!


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