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Jesus in Deuteronomy

Deuteronomy sums up what has happened in the Exodus and prepares the people for what's to come. A lot of the material recaps what has been read before - much of the legal material of Exodus is repeated and expanded, for this new generation to hear as they head into the land under Joshua.
There is minimal action so you can forget seeing Jesus on stage in person - except as the one speaking to Moses, but its a great place to see how the events of the Exodus and the detail of the law finds its fulfillment in Jesus... a world where a tiny insignificant group of people hadn't had these words wouldn't have had the categories to interpret vast amounts of what the incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection were about.

Here is light by which to see Jesus...

Jesus in Deuteronomy is:
1v6 The word spoken by the LORD that it's time to go
1v8 The Yes and Amen of the promise of inheritance of the land
1v10 He who increases and multiplies is his people - he is life.
1v30 He who fought for his people to set them free
1v31 He who carried his people as a father carries his son, as his own Father carries him
1v32 He who was not believed
2v7 He who was with his people for 40 years in the wilderness
3v22 He who fights for his people
4v7 The God who is near his people - always with us by his Spirit
4v8 The one whose words are supremely righteous
4v10 He who called for his people to be gathered before his Father
4v24 He who, like his unseen Father, is jealous
4v31 He who is merciful and will never leave us
5v4 He whose unseen Father spoke at Sinai, face to face with his people from the fire
6v4 He who is one with his Father and the Spirit
6v5 He who sought the hearts of his people
7v7 The Chosen One who chose his people because of his love and promise
8v5 The Son disciplined by his Father, and by whose discipline we become sons too
9v6 He who gives to the stubborn
9v14 He who doesn't blot out our names, but blots out our sin - giving us his name
9v29 The outstretched arm of the LORD by which he saves his people
10v16 He who wants our hearts circumcised
12v5 He who chooses to make his home with his people, where he can be sought
14v1 The true Son of God who makes us sons
15v2 He who proclaims release and freedom, true Jubilee
18v15 The prophet like Moses whose word comes to pass
20v4 Our victory
21v10 He who plunders his enemy and finds a marred slave and takes her to be his wife forever
21v18 The son who always obeys his Father, and yet was treated like a rebel for us
21v23 The righteous one who hung on a tree to bear our curse
23v1 He who redeems lifeless men and fills them with joy, as with the Ethiopian
23v3 He who invites us to his assembly, for we are his people
24v5 He who won the war to take his bride, and so is free to be happy with her
26v7 He whose Father sent him to rescue a people from Egypt through him - and raised him from the dead to save us
30v1 He who brings his people to blessing through curse

Deuteronomy tells the story of salvation, and shows what is to come as the people, as the LORD's assembled people, come into the land... before a certain exile, through curse and into life.


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