Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Isaiah is an Evangelist!

This week we gathered our South West, South East and London Staff for a couple of days to round of the academic year, in a barn in a field near a place called Wallop in Hampshire.

And we invited evangelist Glen Scrivener to preach Isaiah for us. Which he did!

Listen and enjoy! MP3 Downloads:
Reigning and Serving, part 1. - 36mins
Reigning and Serving, part 2. - 67mins
Judgement and Salvation - 48mins
Religion and Redemption. - 45mins
Old Creation and New Creation. - 47mins

As you might guess from the titles Glen's approach is a thematic overview of Isaiah, but centred upon exposition of particular texts in the book. I commend them to you so because the gospel shines in these talks from all kinds of angles. The freshness of God's kind of king who is unlike any other... a stunner of an observation about the woes of Isaiah and what it is that really produces repentance... the place of judgement in the gospel and how the LORD is judged for us... and the glorious hope we have of the renewed creation.

More at Glen's blog - where you can download transcripts and powerpoint files that accompanied these talks.

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