Monday, May 07, 2012

The God Who Failed?

Chris Oldfield is one of our London CU staff, and in this talk at LSE he sets up a dialogue between Professor John Gray and the Apostle Peter (from 1 Peter 1:1-11)
"The belief that a new kingdom was at hand was the heart of his message and was accepted as such by his disciples. The new kingdom did not arrive, and Jesus was arrested and executed by the Romans. The history of Christianity is a series of attempts to cope with this founding experience of eschatological disappointment." (Black Mass, John Gray)
vs. A living because of the resurrection of Jesus.
The empty cry of frustration vs. the weight of glory...

Chris Oldfield - 1 Peter 1 - Living Hope & Reasonable Faith (mp3, 27mins)
Chris Oldfield - 1 Peter 1 - Living Hope & Reasonable Faith: Powerpoint

Forgotten is the minor key (Dave Bish, Think Theology)

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