Saturday, February 18, 2012

We believe a better gospel than this

I've nothing personally against whoever is behind this video (below), it just makes me sad to see the good news painted so small. I know I've spoken badly myself, and believed this sort of message at times too.

A friend's four year old daughter followed Godwin's Law:  'He doesn't really love Jesus, does he? Is he a Nazi?"

The problem is when our beautiful Saviour Jesus is reduced to the cold and functional and logic solution to a problem... rather than being the one who is sent out in love from his generous Father in the power of the Holy Spirit to give himself for us and to us, to catch us up into the sweetness of the life and love of the Triune God.

Better stories and reflections on this:
Watch it at your peril... and lets please believe better, and live better and proclaim better...
Reading The Good God would be a good way to win your heart to the better story.


  1. Jonny Rose asked: is there a better gospel summary on youtube...

    My answer: It's not really intended to be an evangelistic video but I think Raphael Anzenberger's message here is a bit better, though whether you can really capture gospel warmly, incarnationally, full-bodiedly enough in a youtube clip is a qn worth asking... Missionary God... you probably can't say everything in a few minutes.

    Other suggestions?

  2. Dave - hope you don't mind me doing a post on my blog about this. Thought your article raised some good points (and the links that you posted too).

    It raises the ultimate question of 'What is the Gospel?' and 'What Gospel are we telling our friends and those around us?' and seeing whether they match up...

  3. Internet is free Dean, one thought sparks another.

  4. Watched the first minute, couldn't work out whether or not it's supposed to be a parody; watched the next 20 seconds, realised it probably isn't, couldn't bear any more.

  5. Ugh... God is the evil perfectionist, but thank, erm, God, for Jesus, who at least had enough disregard for justice to love us, for some reason, and great, there's no need for the Spirit to bring forth any fruit in my life, since nothing I do in my life is of any significance, except being born again, as it's only my soul and the book of Jesus' perfect record that will endure for eternity... yippee...

    Sadly it's not an unfamiliar message.