Monday, February 27, 2012

Michael Green on Evangelism (mp3s)

Michael Green is an evangelist, but in his own words "the term is too restrictive. It does not tell you who I am: a husband, father, grandfather and sports enthusiast. I am both an academic and a pastor, both driven and lazy, both humble and proud, both sociable and reclusive. I am a mixture. We all are. But at the core of that confused middle wihch is myself, there is a passion burning. It has been burning since my late teens, sometimes brightly, sometimes smouldering dully. It is simply this: I have found treasure - by no skill of my own - and I want to share it as widely as I can." (Compelled by Joy, Green: 2011)

Michael is prolific and one of the most energetic 80somethings I've ever met. He came to spend a day with us in Exeter between speaking at the Edinburgh and Liverpool Uni CU mission weeks. It was an honour to have him with my team and half a dozen students on the subject of evangelism.
And you can eavesdrop here:
Evangelism 1: Motivation
Evangelism 2: Expectancy
Evangelism 3: The outpouring of the Holy Spirit

A couple of highlights - on testimony: Six words - "I have found..." and "Come and see..."

And on the importance of the Holy Spirit illustrated by a lit and unlit candle (opening minutes of session 3).
1. The only difference is one is alight. Its only special because something beyond it lit it up.
2. Fire is always the same - candle or forest blaze.
3. All one candle can do for another is introduce it to the flame.
4. The longer the candle burns the smaller it gets.
5. Without the flame, the candle can do nothing.

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