Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jesus + Abortion

"A baby in the womb is the same as a baby in a mothers arms".

Abortion has become a seemingly acceptable part of life in Britain. Must we swim with that tide? Or could we stand against it? I listened to Katia preaching at Newfrontiers' 15-19s conference, Newday on "Jesus + Abortion". 

Katia is a student on the Newfrontiers Leadership Advanced course I'm doing, a small part of which includes peer review of one anothers preaching to provide constructive feedback and training. We couldn't find much to suggest because we each felt ourselves deeply addressed on this emotive subject.

We have to think better about abortion. We have to live better on this issue.

We tried to give constructive feedback but mostly we felt personally addressed by God through her excellent and thorough preaching.

Its a half hour preach followed by a testimony and Q&A.
Download mp3: Jesus + Abortion by Katia Yeghnazar


  1. My wife is currently carrying our child and even though times are tough an abortion never crossed our minds. This is just wrong. I can only hope that Great Britain will become more strict in their laws.