Monday, January 16, 2012

Pastoral Refreshment Conference

For whatever reason many church and ministry leaders seems to lack support, encouragement and refreshment in their Christian lives. This cannot be a good thing.

I've watched over recent years as my friend Marcus has been raised up to meet some of this need across a wide spectrum of churches. He's received a growing sphere of influence through his service of leaders, particularly through the Pastoral Refreshment Conference which he hosts.

It runs twice in February, the first week with Terry Virgo speaking is fully booked but there is still space at the second, where Peter Maiden of OM is preaching (8-10 Feb 2012).

There are still places available for leaders and spouses (full time or elder-level or equivalent). Come and be refreshed and encouraged. Enjoy God in an environment specifically tailored to the needs to church leaders. 

Previous delegates say: 
"The best ministers' conference I have been on - booked" 
"A must for all Baptist ministers" 
"An unmissable oasis" - an Anglican leader and wife 
"The best conference for Christian workers"

Book now for yourself, or offer to book your church leader in

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