Monday, January 09, 2012

Nothing wrong with comfort food

Last winter my friend Tom took me to Raymond Blanc's cafe in Oxford. The taste of the onion soup stuck with me for hours afterwards. It was wonderful. Even though my journey home from Oxford that day took a cable-theft related seven hours (should have been about two and a half hours), lunch had been sweet.

Today I finally got round to making my own, and whilst it clearly wasn't as good as the real thing it was pretty tasty. There is so much that is good to taste in this world and it's not to be despised but to be enjoyed. I have Jesus and (so) I can enjoy good food too, even if my toddler refused to touch it.

I appreciated this slight critique of Christian Hedonism not because I've got stones to throw but because it gets things the right way round on this:

"God gives himself to us. That is he gives us our righteousness. He gives us himself. We don’t have to sit around desiring him. He is ours, just as we are his. That is what the cross was about. And in my mind he did this so we could get on with life, and enjoying the things he has given us to enjoy, which according to Ecclesiastes, are for fold: the toil of our hands, wine, bread, and breasts, the ones belonging to the wife of your youth. So rather than sitting around and talking about how much one should desire God. Why don’t you just give them God. Give them Jesus. Forgive them their sins as God commands you to do, so that they can all go about the things they enjoy, the things God has given them to enjoy, like fixing my guns, and Jeep, making great whiskey and wine, preparing good food, and loving on their wives, in true hedonist fashion." 

The recipe is here Soupe a l'oignon and it made enough for us to have tomorrow too, and to share if anyone drops in...

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