Monday, January 23, 2012

The Good God (Mike Reeves)

Which god do you believe in? Which god don't you believe in? Important questions that aren't always well answered.

"Reeves’ light touch & theological wisdom combine to provide a truly helpful book - both clears your mind and warms your heart." Terry Virgo

Mike Reeves gets to the heart of everything with this pop-level book on the Father, Son and Spirit. His  way with words is both clear and engaging. He'll move you from wierdness you never realised you believed to the bright sunshine of the gospel in which you will know and enjoy the Triune God more fully. Whet your appetite with these quotes

"Since God is, before all things, a Father, and not primarily Creator or Ruler, all his ways are beautifully fatherly. It is not that this God ‘does’ being Father as a day- job, only to kick back in the evenings as plain old ‘God’. It is not that he has a nice blob of fatherly icing on top. He is Father. All the way down. Thus all that he does he does as Father. That is who he is. He creates as a Father and he rules as a Father; and that means the way he rules over creation is most unlike the way any other God would rule over creation. "

"many theologians have liked to compare the Father to a fountain, ever bursting out with life and love (indeed, the Lord calls himself ‘the spring of living water’ in Jeremiah 2:13, and the image crops up again and again in Scripture). And just as a fountain, to be a fountain, must pour forth water, so the Father, to be Father, must give out life. That is who he is. That is his most fundamental identity. Thus love is not something the Father has, merely one of his many moods. Rather, he is love. He could not not love. If he did not love, he would not be Father."

"the shape of the Father-Son relationship (the headship) begins a gracious cascade, like a waterfall of love: as the Father is the lover and the head of the Son, so the Son goes out to be the lover and the head of the church. ‘As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you’, he says (John 15:9). And therein lies the very goodness of the gospel: as the Father is the lover and the Son the beloved, so Christ becomes the lover and the church the beloved. That means that Christ loves the church first and foremost: his love is not a response, given only when the church loves him; his love comes first, and we only love him because he first loved us (1 John 4:19)."

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